Long Term Care

"Long term care is a very important part of retirement planning"
Is Your Retirement Strategy in Balance?

Some of the more important questions to consider for a balanced retirement might be:

• How do I generate income I can’t outlive?

• How do I pay for long term care costs?

• Who will provide the care that I need?

• What impact would a long term care event have on my family?

• How do I transfer my accumulated assets efficiently?

What is the possibility that me or my loved one will need care?

There may come a time you might no longer be able to take care of yourself.  You may need to turn to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and home care providers.  An estimated 70% of people currently turning 65 will require Long Term Care in their lifetime, for an average of 3 years.  1-in-5 will require long-term care for more than 5 years.

How much does Long Term Care cost?

Beneficiaries in Utah can expect Nursing Home costs to average:

Semi-Private Room

Daily- $187
Monthly- $5,627
Annually- $67,524

Private Room

Daily- $232
Monthly- $6,965
Annually- $83,580

National Average for assisted living

Daily- $119
Monthly- $3,628
Annually- $43,563

Most individuals and families cannot cover these cost and services with their income and assets. But you need not worry! We can help you by considering Long Term Care Insurance as part of your retirement plan to help protect your assets"

When you own asset-based long term care protection, you can be confident in 3 things:

Your premium will never increase

The amount of death/long term care benefits you have are guaranteed and can be passed onto your beneficiaries.

Your money earns interest with a minimum guaranteed interest rate

With Asset-Based care, there are two ways to pay for protection.


Is to utilize an existing asset – typically money you currently have in CD’s, savings, annuities, IRA’s or retirement plan funds – as your guaranteed single premium.


Is to pay in a more traditional way, making monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual premiums that are guaranteed to never increase.

Additional Benefit Choices:

Choice of assisted living, home health care, nursing home benefits and memory care

Lifetime coverage is available through an optional rider (additional premium required)

A way for one policy to cover an individual (single life) or both spouses (joint life)

Tax Information & Benefits of having a LTC Asset Based Plan

LTC Benefits paid from asset-based long term care protection are income-tax free

Interest accumulation is tax-deferred

The life insurance benefit, if not used for LTC, is payable to your beneficiary, federal income-tax free